As the powerful word Reflections as illuminated in the MECANA Get Together, I could see the reminiscence reflections of the past. As kind of strapping our seat belt and catapulted to the distant past. It was truly a blast from the past. It should be renamed MECANAHA means yes to MECANA

Had our warming up sessions with our batch mates from 13, famous Pata aka Tanweer Hassan I call him a bundle joy  he is simply full of fun, with Shakil Quayes haven’t aged a bit , Renzi, Jabed Mostofa Mithu. Then had an unique interaction with guys a senior year to us and some of them coming from Bangladesh like Zia , Mukul and Mohiuddin Bhai and Miton Bhai from Maryland. I sincerely will take the advise from Shabbir Bhai former college captain who appeared to me as a Yogi Rishi. He outright advised me that he would rather be called Shabbir according to the American norm. Some of his students he coaches high schoolers calls him by the first name. I think he wanted to treated as the junior most ex cadet. No Bhai business. Same ol charismatic guy!

Interestingly lots of ex cadets 4 years senior to junior I could recognize them at first glance and encounter. A little marketing gimmick as Muhit Bhai a proud Californian, one of the coolest guys I met in the re Union describes . Learnt the art of facial and name recognition through my brain health forums I practice. Wali would be my anti aging poster child with Reza from batch 14 who is also a Josephite dynamite as I am. Truly touched by junior ex cadets like Jamil, Yusuf, Sharif, Iftekhar he would sob if I didn’t mention his name and  particularly much younger Shoeb and others. It seemed to me that cadet colleges discovered the social security no. Many of them identified by their batch and cadet no. not even by their names.

The get together at Akbar Restaurant was just a gelling up session. I have never felt so much warmth, generosity and hospitality from the New Yorkers and event organizers. Specially I have to mention Yusuf Bhai and Meer Mizan popularly know Meer Mizan Esquire his newly adopted American last name Esquire. He is an attorney. Yusuf Bhai who looks like a Sufi Saint sounded like the real Imam. He even led the prayers with such impeccable beautiful Quranic recitation that almost made my eyes watery. What struck me strangely enough is, I am meeting with ex cadets from 3 rd , 4 th and 5th and 6 th batch some of them never met in my life but as if I knew them forever. Anis, Selim Hannan, Muhit, Shafiq, Nasir, Zia, Mujib, Siddiqui, Atiq , Bhais in plural and the list goes on. Pardon my memory lapse if I have missed anyone. Some of them were the mythical legends we heard of from the peons to the ustaads and esteemed teachers in MCC. It was a meeting of the legends. I can bet even the most junior cadet from MCC can’t outpace our beloved Muhit Bhai in terms of strength and stamina. He is a super energizer bunny. Didn’t feel at all spaced out with our very respected space scientist Shafiq Bhai. Discussed about Anti Aging Medicine with him. My first ever encounter with him would fill any void or space.

We had a great time with chutki and jokes. Pata shared this humor that the difference between complete and finished according to a linguist was if someone was married to the right women his life is  complete and if married to the wrong women then life is finished. And if he is caught cheating on his good wife he is completely finished. Sorry Gents some of the jokes and humor we shared  I cannot share in a public forum. Unfortunately it won’t meet our MECANA Ratings Standard. You have to call me personally and I won’t mind sharing. Only with a small nominal fee. But meeting with some of the senior ex cadets spouses our Bhabis I could tell that some of our ex cadet seniors life is fully complete.

I reckon that some of the ex cadets must have influenced the meteorologists that every Fwy posted signs of thunderstorm and tropical rain shower for the last one week, on the contrary the weather was as picture perfect as San Diego where I am from. Sunny and bright. Because of all the warnings the traffic was light and all other Bangladeshi based organizations literally took over the park. That very busy park I was told because of the tropical thunderstorm signs on the Fwy was literally empty. Interesting there were no segregations between halls with the volley ball match even I posed picture with NH guys. The SH guys were as usual with their Texas style swaggering approach but the FH Hall and NH hall quickly created a holy alliance and we outsmarted them. The long awaited food was simply mouth watering, it was worth the wait. Even had the opportunity to intermingle with the ex cadet kids. Unfortunately I had to leave early to catch my flight, was leaving with a heavy heart but recollections of the humor from Pata, Nasim Bhai from 8 th batch including one of the most sophisticated ex cadets Tipu Bhai simply lighted me up. On my way back some of the airlines crew gave me a suspicious look for the constant grin on my face. One of the flight attendants asked me what is so funny and I politely replied, the experience I had in the last 3 days won’t synch with your wave length. Sorry! You would never be on an antidepressant if you hanged around with the guys I met. She asked me for my contact info.

Life in cadet college was a prison to some but for some was a exploratory mission. Quenching the thirst of the perfect inquisitive mind. Like Nelson Mandela who achieved maturity through captivity, I developed a free spirited  mind. A mind like a soaring eagle open to any challenge, think out of the box and be fearless and independent. Harnessing all these strengths and attributes I believe was instrumental to my personal, career and professional growth. The power and ability to take any challenge and overcome any odds. I am profoundly grateful and deeply appreciate the organizers Yusuf Bhai who touched my hearts and Meer Mizan Esquire and the mythical legends Shafiq, Asad and Muhit Bhai. Sorry Shabbir oops Shabbir Bhai it will take me a few more Re Unions to call you Shabbir maybe in short Shab or Bir, no offense please.

May Allah SWT grant us long life and good health so we can have further meetings of our minds over the years to come. Maybe even on a wheelchair, a powerized one during our golden years. I would always be there for free medical or anti aging consults. As I quoted earlier Mission Accomplished – building bridges , fostering friendships and cementing relationships. With endless fun.

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  1. Shoeb Ahmed
    September 7, 2016 at 11:20 pm

    Real reflection of our feelings! Thanks Aboo Nasar Bhai

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