Norway is a land of beauty with hills, snow, ocean and fiord. But whenever people happen to hear about this country, they only remind Norway as a land of mid-night sun. But it is also surprising that Norway has another superlative beauty of Aurora light, which many people may not know about. For a visitor like me who came to Norway for higher studies from developing nation, it has always been a wonder to discover the secret beauties of Norway, and the first thing that comes up in my mind is Aurora light.

What is Aurora: Aurora Light, known as Northern Light, can be seen in the night sky only in Arctic and Antarctic regions of the globe. Before explaining the magnificent beauty of Aurora light, it is better we understand why it happens only in night skies of Arctic and Antarctic regions. Sometimes, magnetosphere is extremely disrupted by solar wind, which is produced by solar storm. Whilst this happening, the trajectories of charged particles in magnetospheric plasma and solar wind, as a form of protons and electrons rapidly combine with upper atmosphere, (exosphere/thermosphere), where their power is totally lost. The resulting excitation and ionization of atmospheric constituents emits Aurora lights of multiple colors and complexities. The form of Aurora can be seen around the polar regions from both Arctic and Antarctic area, and the most common countries that have highest possibilities to have Aurora light are; Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Experiencing Aurora: Aurora light is mostly seen in the northern part of Norway (Tromsø) but I live in Bergen city, where we can also see Aurora light once in a while. We are highly thankful to social media and some voluntary websites that helps us keeping the updates to see Aurora light, no matter whenever it shines in the skies. On 6th March, 2016, suddenly we got the update that Aurora can be visible so we ran outside to open field and many others also came altogether to see Aurora light.

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First of all it was blurry but then it started to become visible enough to shine in the sky. It was mostly greenish shade of Aurora light that made my eyes watching one of the greatest natural beauties a man can ever behold. At once, I could not believe my eyes and kept starring at Aurora light as I had just seen something more than a miracle. The green shade light of Aurora kept moving slowly in the sky and carried on formulating and vanishing from time to time. It is more like formulating and vanishing light-shade of Aurora in every 3 to 5 minutes. The whole magical show in the sky stayed for about 30 minutes. I felt like experiencing one of the most amazing and visible creations of the Almighty with my own eyes, and kept praising about the beauty of the whole Aurora from the deepest part of my heart. Above all, I cannot exactly define in words what it made me feel to watch Aurora.

The people who like to travel and enjoy the beauty and adventure of our beautiful world, they must visit Norway once to experience Aurora light. I am pretty sure that watching Aurora can make someone feel very special and extraordinary. Aurora is something that you cannot see either every day or from everywhere. So, the experience of watching Aurora can bring you a lifetime experience in your story of travelling and adventure. It is suggested to look up into internet/YouTube to get more information and videos about Aurora light.

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  1. sarah muhammad
    July 18, 2016 at 3:15 am

    ..your writing made me damn interested to see the aurora lyts.. I still cant blv it is a real thing.. Good work..

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